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Friday, February 7, 2014

Sourdough Toast with Spicy Mayo served with Tomato, Cucumber slices

                                            Hello reader...How is your day going? Mine is a bit hectic so far, it kept me on my toes which I kinda enjoyed. The days here have stretched themselves quite a bit to be longer, while a month ago at 5 in the evening it used to be pretty dark, the same darkness now appears around 6, an hour have extended in the day, which reminds me of the summer. I love spring which is almost now, I think of spring and I think everything coming back to life, new leaves and fresh young green.  What I am secretly wishing is for the winter not to go away so quickly.

                                                                                                                 Do you remember the stupid mayonnaise I made, which surprisingly tasted good! Well I am not exactly thinking of going back making mayo again but that doesn't mean I can’t tell you what I did with it! 3 days ago I got myself a sourdough round loaf, I picked it up from a bakery store thinking I wanted to make panzanella with it, but I kept eating it with the mayo in between with crisp cucumber and tomatoes until I realized there wasn't much left for the panzanella, so maybe next time. What the toast with spicy mayo does remind me of are the days of the spring. Like the spirit of the spring can be found on these toasts, fresh clean flavors, the amazing juicy crunch from the cucumbers, the creaminess and the subtle warmth of the mayo made me feel so satisfied.

                                                               This works very well as an appetizer, with such less work. I mean making the mayo is another story but once you have done that, it gathers itself in minutes.  They are wonderful for the summer as well as in the spring, while I am praising them here in the winter. If you have a little party or gathering of friends in your home or you just wanna have a little bite make yourself these. The crispness of the warm toasts with the creamy tamarind mayo, the freshness of the tomato…doesn't it sound appetizing! They do. And in fact you can do many things with it, put on the toasts anything that you like. And if you are serving them to your friends, you might receive a lot of compliments plus more requests for them.  

      So you are hungry? Okay I will tell you how I made them, which is so very simple, you only need some minutes. Bon appétit!

The Recipe: you will need
Loaf of sourdough bread or any bread that you have, sliced into flat discs of ½ inch thickness
Stupid Mayonnaise
Sliced thin round disc of tomatoes
Slices thin disc of cucumber
Finely chopped ½ a medium red onion, tossed with 1 tsp of lime juice.

1.       Begin by chopping the red onion, then toss them with the lime juice, leave it for 15 minutes.
2.       Slice the bread into ½ inch thick flat discs, then put them on a hot pan on a medium flame, give them around 10 minutes until both the sides crisp up to a golden brown or just put them in oven until they are almost toasts or even in your toaster, just don’t make them very brown.
3.       Slice the tomato and the cucumber into thin discs, keep aside.

4.       When the bread slices are crisp golden brown spread the tamarind mayo on them generously and then arrange the tomato and cucumber slices alternatively on them. After that just sprinkle some of the limey red onion pieces on them slightly.

                           Ah you are now ready to have your bite. Come on bite! Try to eat them warm, its fun. Oh and tell me how satisfied they made you, I will be listening to you.

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